Friday, October 28, 2011

{Tutorial} Make a Fabulous Art Gallery for your Kids Artwork-Cable System

If you have children then you've got a lot of artwork coming home from school.  Now the big question do you display their art? You can designate a wall exclusively for the kids with our wall quote below. Won't the kids feel special!

Designate your children's Art Gallery wall with this quote from Pablo Picasso  "Every child is an artist"  CLICK HERE and order one for your kids. This is a simple display, using a ribbon/twine and push pins--Make the ribbon as long or as small as your space will allow. Or you can use some rope or twine as show in the second photo.      Here's the link to our Etsy Shop

Learn how to make this Art Cable System Here's an earlier post in our blog with a tutorial on how to make this Art Cable system.  Click Here

Get this cable system from IKEA  and hang up as much school art as you want.  SOURCE

Now wasn't that easy and you've created a very special place for art and homework that the kids can call their own! 

Click HERE to go to our Etsy shop for this wall quote and lots of other fun ideas for the kids!

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  1. I love this idea. When I buy my next home I'm going to make sure there is a wall big enough to do this.