Wednesday, October 26, 2011

11 Ideas for your Thanksgiving Table-Easy to do!

We think we found some unusual and unique ideas for your Thanksgiving decorating. It always help to have some outside usually helps you to formulate your decorating ideas in your head. So, Enjoy!

Welcome family and friends with this cute Thanksgiving banner. Paint some clothespin and use them to attach the letters.  Click  Here to go to the blog Organize and Decorate Everything

 Now here's something your family and friends will probably never have seen before....therefore it makes it perfect for you Thanksgiving table!  It's a carved squash.  You'll want to see how to make it, so click Here

Gather the acorns from your yard or buy some at your favorite craft store and make some nice napkin rings.  Find out how at Better Homes and Garden

Pumpkins make great place cards. Just tie a tag onto the pumpkin and you're good to go! Just go to HGTV 

Pumpkin can be so pretty with a candle and some embellishment! Go to Better Homes and Garden

Easy to make and very cute are these place card holders from  Pepper Design Blog

Want to make your own "Thankful Tree"?  What's the secret to a tree with a great shape and lots of limbs? You'll find the complete tutorial Here   

Use the small pumpkins you got for Halloween....attach a paper leaf to a piece of wire, curl the wire and attach to the stem....then write your guests names on the leaf. Makes a very cute place card. Or write something special on the leaf about each guests ( a word or two)  and let them guess which one was written about them.  Source

Spell out something for your Thanksgiving table.  She wrapped material with the letters around a candle.  You could use the words "Give", "Grateful" or "Give Thanks" depending on how long your table is.  The complete tutorial for making the candle cozies is on this site   Source

These lettered candles are covered with wool felt bands and cut out letters. So cute!  Use the same idea for the napkin ring.  You could use the words "Give", "Grateful" or "Give Thanks" depending on how long your table is. Instead of using candles you could use round glass vases. (They have glass vases at the dollar store) Wrap each glass vase with scrapbook paper instead and just add a votive candle inside.If you put a letter on each side of the candle then both sides of the table will be able to have a very nice centerpiece.  Source

How about a miniature flower arrangement?  This size allows you to have flowers on the table and family and friends can see and talk to each other without anything blocking their view.  All you need is a small pumpkin and flowers.  Find out how to do it Here


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  1. This is a really cute collection of ideas! It makes me want to start decorating for Thanksgiving today. (I should probably wait for Halloween to be over first! :)) I'm looking forward to setting an elegant, but natural table for my family, and focusing on "gratefuls".
    - Heidi