Monday, September 5, 2011

TIPS & TRICKS Pantry Organization, Nursery Decor, Kitchen Storage and More

We've found more brilliant ideas for your home that will get you organized and looking soooo smart! Which one is your favorite?

Love the look of this bow. Here's a easy to follow video with complete instructions on how to tie this beautiful bow. Sometimes what's on the outside (the wrapping and the bow) makes what's inside even more special!  Want to know how to do it?  It's easy.  Click Here

 Another beautiful bow. This technique is similar with just a couple of different steps. Which one do you like the best?  Click Here

What a brilliant idea for storing Christmas Ornaments and much cheaper than buying a plastic box that has the dividers in them.  See the tutorial Here

 This is simply a wine rack that is being used for towels in the bathroom. It's cute but it's also very functional and a really good idea. You can get these racks almost anywhere.  Source


Under Stairs Storage It's not the idea of storage under the stairs that is so's the way they've built them that got my attention. So beautifully designed!  All that wasted space under the stars 
converted to so many shelves!  To see more Larger photos and get more information click  Here

I love anything that makes life easier and this is definitely on the list!  Installing these lazy susans makes it easy to get the things that are always stuck in the corners...Just spin it around to see everything.  Brilliant!  You can purchase these at IKEA for $3 or $4 and they are solid wood.  Go ahead, make your life easier......You've got this!  To see this pantry make-over click Here

It's a Electronic Garage! A place to recharge all your electronics, all in one place. Placed right by the back or front entryway (depending on which you use the most)  it is sure to make life easier!  Yes, you can make one of these yourself and yes that is a bread box. Read all about it Here

 More Kitchen Storage.  What a smart kitchen, using up every bit of space they can. These long drawers can be divided as shown for storage of items used less frequently.  Do you have unused space in your kitchen? Have some drawers built for you by a Cabinet builder.  Source

Use garden hanging baskets mounted low in a kid’s room to corral toys and books. It's functional and pretty too.  Be sure to secure to your wall studs ! I love it!  Source

 Here's the doors to the Laundry Room--(Very Nice Doors) What does it looks like inside you ask?

Open the door and see.... Love it! With the doors lined in shelves you will have everything within reach and organized. Close the doors and you'd never know this was all behind it! (I would have painted the inside shelving the same color as the outside of the door, but that's just me) Source


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