Monday, September 5, 2011

Halloween Indoors, Outdoors and some Sweet Treats

The inside of your home and the outside of your home is going to look just fabulous for Halloween! We've gathered up some really great things down below. Take a look, but first......

How do you like this Witch from the 1940's. Love the costume, don't you?  source

How about this one from the Wizard of Oz....I love that movie!   She's wearing a little more clothing than the "pin-up" girl above.  Source

Then there's this house that would be an EXCELLENT for a Halloween Party!  (eerie) Source

How Funny! I've never seen Ghost Poop before....have you? Find it  Here

Put your treats in a coffin box this year. Tie it up with twine and you've got something fun! (look in the background)  Download the template for the box and get the instructions Here

Free Halloween Art. Comes in 8 different versions....Get the FREE download and print it out. Click this link

Fun outdoor decor. Build this Cauldron in your yard. It is made out of a pumpkin. So creepy! Read more about the Witch's Cauldron and how to make it Here

Halloween Dinner!  I think this would be so cool for your Halloween Feast. The only thing I would do differently is to add in some black candles and earlier in the day light them and let them go until the was has melted down the bottle. Get the candles and possibly the bottles at the dollar store. CHEAP.  Find the source Here  (This was used for a wedding dinner)

Love these Halloween candle even more that these were handmade! (I've saw these skeleton heads at Dollar Tree this week)  View this tutorial and make some for yourself--Yeah, You've got this!  Click Here

These creepy crepe-paper curtains are a simple and inexpensive way to "spook up" your existing decor for Halloween. Watch a video for more details. The rolls of crepe paper at Hobby Lobby seem to be almost twice as much as other stores and still only $1.00  Click Here

Candy Corn Pudding!  How cute and delicious. It is so simple. Read more about this fun Halloween treat and get the recipe Here

Halloween candy bark looks amazing! It only has 6 different candies in it (Only 6?)  Yes, you've got to try it!  The recipe can be found Here  Original Recipe from Bon Appetit magazine

 Ghost in a bag!  It's simple but cute!  Click Here to see how it's done

I'll leave you with this Fabulous Fall photo with the fog in the background. Doesn't it remind of you a spooky Halloween movie? The lady in the background really shouldn't be walking alone, it's nearly nightfall..... Boo!


  1. I love this post! I have allready marked lots of Pins on Pinerest!

    BUT the If the Broom Fits link is wrong--can you please provide the right one? I SO need this!

  2. The link for the Halloween Art has been changed to the right link. Thanks for letting me know.