Saturday, September 24, 2011

101 Fall Craft Ideas That You Can Make - Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations

 It's Time for Fall and I'm so happy--It's the best time of the year, the best holidays, the best crafts and the best food. The world turns so many beautiful colors this time of the just takes your breath away.  So to celebrate fall we're sharing this post for 101 Fall Crafts. Below are just a few of the fabulous things. The link to find all 101 is at the bottom of this post.

 How about a "I'm thankful" paper chain where you can write what you thankful for?  I love the fonts they used and it is perfect for the month of November. You download a pdf file. Gotta see!  Click Here

 I love this Fall banner using chipboard pieces and your imagination!  Click Here for all the instructions.

 Design your own Fall/ Thanksgiving tablecloth-It's quite simple!  Click Here

Are you up for making some darling fabric acorns? Pick out cute fall fabric and you've got something special.  Click Here

You actually make these leaves yourself, Or you could use real ones. Learn how they made these boxes to display the leaves Here

It's a "book" pumpkin. Use it for your Halloween Decor or change it up a bit for the entire fall season.  Click Here

 What a simple yet classic idea for a garland.  Perfect for the fall season and up until Christmas....oh I take that back....add some Christmas embellishments and leave it up during Christmas!  Click Here

So now I'm guessing you'd like to see all 101 Fall Craft Ideas?  Okay!  Click Here to find more interesting and crafty things for 
the Fall Season.


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