Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amazing Spider Treats (using your favorite snacks) and Fun Halloween Games

Are you planning a Halloween party for home or school?   Here are some fun games and food for the kids that are easy and inexpensive. Planning ahead makes the night fun for you too, because you're so prepared everything will run smoothly and be fun. 

 These Spider Cakes look amazing and who wouldn't want a plate full of spider. (ha) See the tutorial/recipes Here

For sure  I couldn't resist these-They are made out of snack cakes (snowballs, ding dongs, twinkies etc) See the tutorial/recipe for the Creepy Crawlers Here

The bean bag game can be found Here

This one is titled Watch Carefully Fun for all. Find it Here

Guess how many candy corn are in the bowl. 
(Who will you give the job of counting everyone?)  Find this game Here

Another fun Bean Bag Game can be found Here

This one is titled "Aim and Toss"  You know how it's played don't you?  Find this game Here

 This one is titled Drop in the bucket  Paint a bucket orange, add face and find a soft orange or black ball to toss into the bucket!  Find this game Here

Make a bat pinata filled with your favorite Sweet Treats. What to see how to make it? You will find the complete instructions and photos Here

And don't forget by the tradition game of Donuts on a string. Kids love this yummy game.

This game is so fun!  We did it last year and the kids really liked it. I filled each balloon with a treat that they got when they popped it with a dart. Doesn't have to be this large to be fun.  Find this game Here

I hope we've given you some inspiration for your 
Halloween Party. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you for posting these!! Our party is next weekend and I just can't stop myself from adding new games and ideas LOL!! :) Love your blog!!

  2. Cute ideas.I will definetly us these games. Thanks for sharing.