Monday, August 8, 2011

Gotta See: Lights Made from Egg Crates-So Cute!

Would you ever think about making a cute strand of lights from a egg carton?  These are so unusual and cute that I had to share?  Love how they draped them around the mirror at their entryway.  So Easy, take a look!

Do you agree that they are a "Must Have" for your home?  Click Here to see the tutorial
Yes, there are instructions for this amazing Egg Crate Flower Pendant light. This flower pendant light is made from paper pulp egg cartons, and the finished light will add a pretty feminine touch to your room.  This pendant light gives off a soft, beautiful ambient light. Here's the tutorial

Then there are these   Egg Crate Dancer Lamps (no tutorial, but you can purchase them (see them here)


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