Saturday, August 6, 2011

Can You Really Dye Buttons For your Craft Projects? Yes you Can!

Stumbled onto this great idea about dying buttons. No matter what craft project you are doing you will probably need a variety of colors of buttons....from pinwheels to cupcake toppers to cards  and art or any other kind of embellishments.  Most buttons are made out of nylon or some type of plastic.  Rit is one of the few dyes that will color this type of material. It only takes 2 to 5 minutes for the process.  So now you can coordinate your buttons to any color paper or material.  Aren't the white buttons less money than the colored and decorative buttons?

Here's the link to Ritz with the tutorial on how to die buttons-It's Really Simple!
Check out the really cute Button Crafts below.

Before they are dyed---A very boring white

These Button flowers look very easy to do!  Here's  the Tutorial. 

 Love these handmade cards using colorful buttons.  Find it Here

Isn't this bag amazing! Sorry, no tutorial

The color combination for this necklace is very nice
Find it here

 See these bracelets Here

See more photos of this amazing button bag here
I wonder how long this took to make?

Doesn't this just inspire you to make something out of buttons? Find it here

How about making this up using an initial for first name or family name? Then put it in a beautiful frame. Get more info Here

Here's another example of letter art. Get the tutorial Here

 Make your own clock using guessed it, buttons!

 Isn't this just adorable! Would be cute in a little girl's room! Source

 Just had to include this Button Christmas Tree. So darling!  Click Here

Turn a plain mirror, found at the craft store, into something beautiful.  SOURCE

Give a plain tank a custom look SOURCE

 How beautiful is the Button Monogram-Choose two different colors, or possibly three SOURCE

 And last but not least....for heaven sakes get yourself a pair of button tights! (or make them yourself) I wonder how comfortable they are? Is it art or is it clothing, or is it both....

  So button, button, who has the button.  You've learned how to dye buttons and we've given you some cute ideas for button art but I'm sure there are still many many other button projects out there....This is just the beginning.


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  1. There are some really great ideas here!!! The possabilities are endless!Let your imagination run wild!

  2. I loved all the button craft idea's. I love buttons.