Friday, August 19, 2011

{Gotta See} Cookie Cutter Lunchbox Lunches for the kids-Yummy & Fun

FOUND: This darling blog that teaches you how to make the cutest cookie cutter lunches for the kids, whether they are still at home or have ventured out to school. The name of the blog is "Cookie Cutter Lunches" (think outside the lunchbox)  and it is absolutely amazing with a lot more ideas for unique and yummy kids lunches. Hop on over to her blog to see a lot more fun themed lunches for the kids, and yes she uses cookie cutters. She gives you tips on how to assemble the lunches too. (Won't your kids be amazed when they open their lunchbox and see something like below?   Yes they will)   Take a look at all these cute photos!  Then stop by their Facebook Page and like them. You won't be disappointed!

 This one is titled "Getting Ready for Kindergarten"  Find  it Here

This one is titled "Lunch with an Octopus"  Find it  Here

This one is  titled "Strawberry Lunch"   Find it Here

This one is titled' What's your favorite Color"  Find it Here

This one is titled "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my"  Find it Here 

 This one is titled "Red White and Bento"  Find it Here

This one is titled "Just Plane Fun"  Find it Here

This one is titled "T is for Turkey"  Find it Here 

To see more cute ideas for lunch in our blog click HERE

 Here are some of the Bento boxes you can purchase to make the fun lunches above.  You can find them on  Here is the LINK


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