Thursday, August 4, 2011

Found: 30 More Teacher Appreciation Sweet Treat Gifts

We found some MORE cute Teacher Appreciation Gifts. Match up some Tempting Sweets with Clever Sayings.  Below are 30 different gift ideas.  In case you missed the first set of 23 ideas just click here to see all.  And like I said in the first post, it just goes to show you that you don't have to spend a lot of money to say thank-you! 

We're no dum-dum we know who to thank (dum dum sucker)

We think you are Mighty and Marvelous!  Thanks! (M&M's)

You're worth a 100,000 Grand to us (100,000 Grand candy bar)
You're mounds of fun (Mounds candy bar)

We'd be nerds if we didn't thank you (Nerds)

We can't bear the thought of not giving you our thanks... (gummy bears)
You light up our life... (mini flashlight or birthday candle)

By gum you're special... (gum of any kind)

We skored big when we got you as a teacher... (skor candy bar)

We're nuts about the job you're doing... thanks! (peanuts)

We're bubbly all over with love and gratitude. (bottle of bubbles)

We can't lick any of our problems without you.... (lollipop)

We've gone bananas over the job you are doing... (bananas or banana bread)

You're the apple of my eye and such a polished leader. (Apple)

We're lucky to have such a charmin' good teacher! (Lucky Charms)

 When it comes to being a teacher, you're the icing on the cake!

You're a Cracker Jack teacher!
(Cracker Jacks)

You are a Souper teacher! (Soup)

A teacher can't live by apples alone...She needs "Hugs" too! (chocolate kisses and hugs)

You are out of this world  (Milky Way or Mars candy bar)
You deserve an extra payday  (Payday candy bar)

You are extra special  (Extra Gum)

We appreciate the mounds of work you do (Mounds candy bar)

You are sum-body special  (calculator or math game for the class)

Thanks for a picture perfect year (movie coupons or nice picture frame)

Thanks for making our school year bright  (package of highlighters)

You are o'fish'ally the best!  (Goldfish Crackers or fishes)

We are fortunate to have you  (Chinese take out box filled with fortune cookies)

You are joy  (Almond Joy candy bar)

You float above the rest  (balloons or a run pool float for the summer)  

I promised to reveal the source of these fun Teacher Appreciation Gifts.  They are from the site called SUGARDOODLE  You may find more of these clever sayings on their site. 


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