Friday, August 5, 2011

DIY Wall Art:Paper, Styrofoam, Canvas, Fabric, Ribbon? Cute!

Wall Art you can make yourself?  And does it look good? Yes is the answer!  The wall art below is made with scrapbook paper, styrofoam, ribbon and glue. Sounds easy doesn't it?  

Get all the directions for making this fabric art wall. Use different fabrics or all the same for a great look SOURCE

I love the combination of black and white in different patterns
These are your supplies--Yay, you can do this!
Love the look of these flowers! 
Well now that you are inspired head on over to Curbly Original to get the supply list and instructions.


 Love the look of these three samples of styrofoam covered by scrapbook paper. Check it out Here

You can also cover a canvas frame with material and it looks great too. My daughter Melissa made this one. Get the tutorial for this method here.

 Another example of material on canvas Plus a tutorial on building this beautiful headboard. Find it Here

Or you can go to your local art supply store and buy 4 lengths of wood frame made for stretching canvas and stretch material over that.   
Here's the tutorial for that method.

Whichever method you end up using, it is going to look fabulous and cost a fraction of what it would if you purchased it from a store. Making it yourself allows you to match your artwork to the particular color(s) in your home.

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  1. These seem like really cool ideas! ^__^ Love your blog! :)) ~YourNewFollowerVeeyah