Monday, August 8, 2011

Do you like Angry Birds? See these fun Lunches for School or Home

I just love the "Cute Food for Kids" site.  They are so creative. Their cute designs aren't too complicated for regular people to make.  Below are just a few of their new ones.
 Here's the link to the Angry Bird Boat

 Here's  the link to this Angry Bird watermelon treat!

 Here's the link to the Angry Babybel Cheese Bird
Here's a tip from "Cute Food for Kids"
Tips: It's much easier to cut the wax using heated knife. I placed my knife in hot water for a few second, then wiped it dry with paper towel. 

 Their Babybel cheese creations are so cute. My family love the Babybel Cheese without anything creative done to them so I'm sure they will love these! Here's the link for the people.

A PBJ Sandwich that looks like a piece of cake-It's gone! Here's the link to this cute dessert/lunch

Cute little ladybug! Here's the link

This little piggy went to market...oh I mean school.  Just cut out circles and add embellishments. Here's the link

And we just have to have a "Hotdog Caterpillar"  This one is soooo easy! Here's the link

I know anything with a Owl Theme is big right why not a sandwich. Very Cute!  Here's  the link for him.  

Send any of these cute things fun foods in your children's lunches and you're sure to be a hero.  The other kids will be jealous and your children will probably end up eating their lunch instead of running outside for recess leaving a half eaten lunch.....And that's the goal isn't it?  Yah!

To see lots of fun things for the kids, back to school and Teacher Appreciation Click HERE


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