Saturday, July 16, 2011

{Tutorial} What are Rain Gutter Book Shelves? Actual Rain Gutters Make Up a Library For the Kids

Have you seen or heard about the Rain Gutter Book shelves? What a great idea. We had someone ask us to design the quote "Imagination, because a good book has no ending" for her "rain gutter" bookshelf library.  So we did and it is one of our most popular wall quotes in our shop.  The one shown here was made up in turquoise and orange vinyl. 

Click HERE to get this vinyl wall quote

  This photo is from my daughter's house. She recently redecorated the kid's playroom and put these adorable rain gutter shelves up and the final touch was our "Imagination" wall quote.  I love the paper banner she added above the quote. So adorable and easy to do.

   Atop the rain gutter shelves is one of our favorite wall quotes in our Etsy shop. It's the final touch for your children's new library.  You can have as many or as few of the rain gutter shelves as you like. What will fit into your home? 

 Click HERE to get this vinyl wall quote for your home. 

This is what the finished product looks like (End Cap)   Click HERE for the complete tutorial on how to make these cute Rain Gutter Book Shelves

Click HERE to get this Wall Quote for the Kids


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