Saturday, July 16, 2011

{Tutorial} Cute Paper Fortune Cookies-No Baking Required!

Buy some fabulous scrapbook paper (or use what you already have) and make your own cute fortune cookies. Make up original fortunes, even some appropriate to individual guests!  Or, just a thought, use them for asking someone out on a date, or the announcement of a new baby etc.  (just saying)

Via Ham & Pea

How cute are these cupcake fortune cookies?  Click here

  Here's all you do, It looks easy doesn't it? Your fortune cookies can be any size you want, just adjust the size of the paper message accordingly.
Here's where you will find this tutorial. Thanks to "Kind over Matter"

Check out these Fortune cookies made out of felt! Nice!
Here's the Link to this tutorial

Here's a free template for a Chinese Take-Out Box too!

Click here to get this free download

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