Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Milk & Cookies Party-Cute Idea For Your Next Get-Together!

Have you seen this Milk and Cookies party?  I loved it! My thoughts were many times do you have a small event, meeting or get together (especially at church) where you are just serving milk and cookies?  Many many times!  Well jazz it up and make "just milk and cookies" more special. People will talk........

Love the "real" cookie tag on the straw

Now you have individual servings of milk that are so cute. Can use mason jars, soda bottles (place straw in bottle when when soda bottles) any kind of bottle will work. Star Bucks Frappuccino bottles were used here. Here's another source for glass jars here
 (This was actually a baby shower-but use some of the ideas can be used for other celebrations) 
The Tutorial on how these cute milk bottles were designed are now out! Even the printable is provided (Free) The invitations are coming any day now too! Click here for the milk bottle tutorials  Click Here to see more photos of the party and where to find everything.  Here's hoping your next "milk and cookies" event is just as cute as this one!

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