Thursday, November 12, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Candy Cards/Candy Bar Wrappers-Chocolate for Everyone!

I love the colors of fall and so we incorporated three of our favorite colors into these 
Thanksgiving candy bar wraps. Wouldn't these be so fun sitting in the middle 
of your Thanksgiving dinner plates or off to the side, or even in the 
middle of your dinner napkin? It's a very affordable treat 
as the candy bars are available at Costco and Sam's club
 at only around 55 cents each.

We decided Mr. Turkey was getting far too much attention so 
Miss Turkey is the focal point of this design along with my favorite.....polkadots.
 I'm not sure when I decided that was my favorite but it has stuck with me 
and you can see them sprinkled throughout our other designs. 

The color "mustard yellow" is so popular now with the farmhouse look that I 
definitely had to include this one. When I started designing it was for one 
candy bar wrap and as you see we ended
up being three different designs.

This is my new favorite orange, I call it "yam" orange. So rich in color, so earthy 
and the perfect color for a Thanksgiving design!

I'm also a huge fan of green....Lime Green, Grass Green, Cricket green,
but this one is an earthy green and had to be included too.

This is a kit where we gather everything to together so all you have to do is assemble.
 No shopping and trying to match colors to complete the design, 
no designing or cutting---just assembling and this one is super easy. 
Only 5 pieces for each wrap.

These candy bar wraps make it super easy for you to decorate your Thanksgiving table.
 You could even make up an arrangement of them and use as a centerpiece. 
But don't forget to let your dinner guests know that they 
need to take one home with them.

Miss Turkey pops off the page with a foam dot and so does the message tag.
  If you can glue and apply foam dots then you've got this one.
 So easy the kids could even help with the assembly.

These make great "Friend Gifts"

Who are you grateful for?

We supply everything you need in the kit for assembling 
these cute candy bar wrappers or as we call them,
"Candy Cards". All you supply is glue 
and the Hershey bars.

So yes, this is our newest design, Our Thanksgiving candy bar wrapper for 2019. 
It's a Must Have for your holiday table and dinner guest.

CLICK HERE to get these for the Thanksgiving Holiday

While you are there checking this out be sure to see our
other fun Thanksgiving Designs, They are companion pieces
to this wrapper.


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