Thursday, May 14, 2020

Back To School-Sweet (chocolate) Teacher Appreciation Gifts and Office Staff etc..

Are your kids going back to school soon? Ours are….the 15th of August to be
 exact…..which seems kind of early to me! But it occurred to me that I needed 
to get my teacher appreciation kits available to those of you with kids. 
This is our newest design and the teachers are going to love them!

We've designed three different tags for this candy bar wrap. All 3 are perfect for 
the teachers at your school.  One is perfect for the school office staff and even the 
schools district office, the PTA or teachers other than school teachers.
 (Think music teachers, sports coaches, speech, drama or any other kind of teachers)

Who do you know that is #1 in your book? These sweet treats are a good way 
to get on the good side of your kids teachers and administrators.
  They will REMEMBER you!

This one is my favorite. Do you think teacher will like this one?

These candy bar wraps are so easy to assemble.  The apples are
 pre-assembled for you. All you do is tie the "To-From: tags around the stem. 
We can even personalize the tags for you. The perfect gift from the principal
 to their teachers for the beginning and end of the school year.

The kit contains everything you need except for 2 things.  You supply either 
double-sided tape or liquid craft glue which you would use to glue the wrap
 together on the right side and  the 1.55 oz, regular size Hershey Bars. You can
 get a box of 36 solid chocolate Hershey bar at Sam's Club  and Sam's
 online for $20.00. (55 cents a piece) Costco has 36 bars for $21.99. 
May also be available on  

The side view shows you how the apple pops off the candy bar wrap.
 It's applied with a sticky foam dot (in kit).  The white tag is glued onto the
 front of the green backer tag and then adhered to the wrap with sticky foam dots. 
Bottom line this is a super easy candy bar wrap to assemble!

We have MORE gifts for Teachers, School Staff, PTA, School Administration and
 more in our Etsy shop. CLICK HERE to view all! Be sure to scroll all the 
way down so you don't miss a thing.

CLICK HERE to get more INFO about these fun
Teacher Appreciation candy bar wraps.


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