Saturday, March 13, 2021

Chocolate Easter Treats, Easter Bunnies, Easter Gifts for Employees and Co-Workers, Party Favors

The Easter Bunny Always delivers and this time he's on the front of the treat!
  Last year we did Easter chicks and this year we are all Bunnies! 
 Wrap up a Hershey chocolate bar (1.55 oz-regular size)  in a Easter wrap.
 Perfect for the Easter basket, Easter egg hunts, family, friends
 and even for the people at the office.  

 It's a kit that is so simple to put together.  Al l you have to do is adhere things
with foam dots.   (you can do that!)  

The boy bunny gets a bowtie. The inside of his ears are a textured blue cardstock
 that we put on for you.  His feet come fully assembled and all you do is 
place on the bunny in any way you want.  The grass is, once again, 
just attached with foam dots. We like giving our wraps a 3D look.

Here's a side view so you can see how the bunny pops off the wrap.

If you couldn't tell we LOVE polkadots and especially pink.  

Another side view of the finished wrap.  Even the "Happy Easter" tag is
 attached with a foam dot.

The girl bunny comes with a "hare" bow (ha ha)  It will come in various designs. 
 Just glue to her ear.

If you've been trying to top last years "special" Easter treat then these 
Easter wraps are just the thing. Perfect gift for co-workers and your employees too.
 An unexpected gift for neighbors?

CLICK HERE to get more details and see more photos


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