Monday, February 18, 2019

Easter Candy Card-Sweet Easter Gifts-Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers, Party Favors

Say Happy Easter with this cute "chick" design.  Everyone is doing Easter Bunnies so we are doing Easter Chicks!  These Candy Cards that are wrapped around a 1.55 oz (regular size) Hershey chocolate bar are the perfect "special" gift for Easter.  Whether you put them in the kid's Easter baskets, give to your employees, co-workers or teachers, they are sure to be a hit with everyone. 

Here's the pink version. The wraps are made from premium cardstock. The chick in the shell is pre-made and designed by us and pops off the wrap with a foam dot.  The bow is placed on the right corner and just finishes it. Super simple to assemble.

Here is the blue version. The milk chocolate bar that goes inside the wrap is a "Sweet" treat that everyone will love.  The recipients will think you have gone to a lot of work but with us gathering all the supplies and pre-making parts it will be a breeze! 

The bow is cut out of a cardstock that is textured and matches perfectly the pink in the wrap. Include these candy cars in your Easter Egg Hunt for a special surprise for the family and friends.

The bow for the blue version s also cut out of a cardstock that is textured and matches perfectly the blue stripe in the wrap.

This cute little chick's shell and bed of grass is also cut out of premium textured cardstock. We'll assemble it for you and all you do is adhere it to the wrap with a sticky foam dot. It's our design. We do have other kits that featured this cute chick in our Etsy shop. 

CLICK HERE to get more information and get some of these Easter candy cards 


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