Tuesday, January 1, 2019

BEE Mine - Valentine's Day Candy Bar Wrappers-Sweet Hershey Candy Bar Treat for Everyone

Yes, Valentine's Day is on it's way and you want something really special to give the people in your life. We've got just the thing.  Our "BEE Mine" candy bar wrappers are made from Premium cardstock. We design it and cut out all the parts and neatly organize them in individual cellophane bags to make it sooooo easy to assemble. We always include easy instructions too. Even if you have never put together a kit like this "YOU CAN DO IT"  Both the bee and the beehive are pre-assembled for you. 

These are new to our shop. Just finished designing them today. The beehive is glued to the candy bar wrap. The tag, Bee Mine,  is adhered with foam dot and also the bumblebee. The wings are delicate, cut out of vellum and then there's a glitter heart on top of the wings.   Click on photo to get a close-up look of the wrap.

Here's the beehive we designed. We will pre-assemble it for you. All you do is glue it to the top of the candy bar wrappers. Then adhere the heart with a foam dot.

We are even including a cellophane bag, twine and a "from" tag so you can gift wrap it before giving it away. We only put "from" on the tag since most schools instruct the children to only write their name on the tag to make it easy to hand out their Valentines.

I find that being creative and crafting just make me happy. I have to be creating.  When you put something together and then look at what you've done....it gives you a great feeling. Then you take that great creation and give it to your favorite people and see the smile on their faces.  You know what I'm taking about!

These would also make a sweet treat to take to the office for co-workers or employees. Your Teacher Appreciation gifts have just been taken care of too.  Be sure to order early to make sure you get what you want and it arrives in plenty of time before Valentine's Day!

CLICK HERE to get these for this Valentines' Day


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