Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Halloween Treats & Party Favors-Drac & Frank Candy Bar Wrappers (Frankenstein and Dracula)

And here's Drac and Frank!  Everyone's favorite Halloween characters
 are now wrapped around a Hershey chocolate bar. They were so much 
fun to design this summer…..I couldn't wait to show them to you but hey, 
September is free game for Halloween things especially for those of you 
who think ahead when it comes to the holidays.  I can think of so many 
fun ways to use these. (game prizes, party favors, place settings, gifts,
 trick or treaters, co-workers, employees and so much more)

Frank is all decked out in his best orange bow tie complete with bolts
 on each side of his head. (The bow tie comes pre-assembled) 
 Love his fun eyes. It's a kit that is super easy to put together. 
We always include easy-to-follow instructions and there is also a 
package photo for you to refer to for assembling.
 Frank's wrap is a key lime green.

Frank is decked out in his signature black cape with red collar. 
A orange polkadot bow finishes off his ensemble.  His ears were d
esigned to extend out past the candy bar wrap, which makes him look 
so grand! The cape comes already assembled.  Just adhere the
 "Happy Halloween" tag on his head and you're done with a fun treat.

Need some prizes for your Halloween games? This will work! 
 Whoever you give these to will absolutely love them.  
They are sure to be a hit at your party. 

You can get a box of 1.55 oz Hershey chocolate bars at 
Costco- 36 bars for $22.00 which makes them about 50 cents each.

You could even put one of these at the side of each plate or in the
 center of your place settings. They will definitely 
help decorate your Halloween table or buffet. 

We want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and hope that you click 
on over to our Etsy shop to see these candy bar wrappers and all our 
other Halloween kits and digitals. We currently have 54 different
 Halloween items. You're Halloween party just became 
something everyone will be talking about.

CLICK HERE to see 54 Halloween kits and digitals 
plus these Drac and Frank candy bar wrappers.


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