Friday, March 9, 2018

Baby Shower Party Favor! (It's a Bib) Your Guests Will Love this Sweet Gift (chocolate)

I've been a guest at my share of baby showers and I always loved it when the host sent us home with a special gift and I LOVED it when it was chocolate (being a chocoholic and all)   It's a fun way to say 'Thanks for coming"  and better yet it's a kit where we gather everything you need to make this "Sweet" party favor.  All you do is assemble and it is super easy.

The wraps are designed for a regular sized Hershey, solid chocolate, candy bar, the 1.55 oz size.  You can get 36 of these bars at Costco or Sam's Club for $21.00. Now that's inexpensive!!!

We designed the baby bib on the front of the wrap to pop off the wrap. Foam dots are applied to the pink polkadot bib, the "It's a Girl" tag and the solid pink bib. ( I just love a 3D look!)  The white bow comes pre-assembled for you. Just glue the wrap and the scalloped piece and attach the bib pieces and you're done!

You're party guests will love it and will think you've gone over the top when it comes to baby showers, and that's what we all want, isn't it?  

You can even chose whether you want all polkadots, all checks or some of each and what kit size you need for your party….it's all about you and what you need.  We would love to make some of these up for your baby shower!  Just click the link below and get started.

So……Baby Shower Party Favor taken care of!  Check!

CLICK HERE to get more information about this cute baby shower party favor.


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