Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Valentine Treat for Someone Sweet-Hershey Candy Bar Wrappers for Valentine's Day

Take it from a chocoholic......It's so nice to receive chocolate, especially one that is all dressed up for the upcoming holiday. Valentine's Day chocolates are the best!  We've combined two shades of pink and put them on a background of grey for a sophisticated look.   The message we've added to the wrap is one that is appropriate for anyone you know....At least the "sweet" ones. (ha!)

It's a kit that you assemble.  The heart wreath comes fully assembled. All you do is glue the heart wreath it to the top of your wrap.  Then, using a foam dot, you attach the message tag in the center of the wreath. So easy!!!

We've designed the wrap to fit a 1.55 oz Hershey Bar (regular size bar)  

You can purchase Hershey Bars in a 6 pack at a very reasonable price. You can get them packaged that way in grocery stores, Walmart etc. 

We are included a heart shaped tag where you can write "To and From"  If you don't need the tag just leave it off of the wrap.  Who would you give one of these to? 

Mail carriers
Best Friends
School Secretary and Principle
Your Hair Stylist
Ladies you Visit Teach
Your Sweetheart
The Kids
and your Neighbors

Be sure to get yours early



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