Friday, December 30, 2016

Valentine Gift "Orange You Glad We're Friends, I am" Personalized Tags for Kids, Teachers, Families

Don't you just love Valentine's day!  The special treats, desserts and cards are very fun. But when it comes to taking treats to school you can run into problems.  This child is allergic to this and another  is allergic to something else. This child doesn't eat sugar..........  That's where giving a beautiful clementine for your Valentine's Day treat is the perfect solution.  Personally I have never heard of anyone being allergic to clementines, have you?  This treat will save you a lot of stress and it's a kit!  Let us gather everything you need to make this special treat and mail it to you. So simple to assemble and with the heart on the tag there is no mistaking that this is indeed a sweet Valentine's day treat. 

We thought it would also be a great treat for the teacher to give to her students.
We will PERSONALIZE  these tags with your name or a child's name. 

Everything you see here is included in the kit. You just assembble-super simple!

The crinkle paper isn't included in the kit but you can leave it out. If you decide you do want to include the brown crinkle paper you can pick up a bag at The Dollar Store for $1 and one bag is sure to be enough.

Let us personalize these tags for you or your kids so your Valentine's Day treat is a really a sweet and fun treat. Clementines or Cuties are what you use for this kit.

CLICK HERE to get the "Orange you glad we're friends"  kit for Valentine's Day (get your orders in early)


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