Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let's Make some FUN and YUMMY Halloween Treats using Donuts-Easy to Make!

Donuts are a very big part of the Halloween celebration so we thought we might find some really great donuts for you to make for your parties.  Below each photo is the link to the original source sp be sure to click on the links.  They all look like so much fun!  Bet you can't chose just one! 

I'm sure you will have fun making any of these recipes. I especially like the acorn donuts, the pumpkin donuts and candy corn donuts. They all look pretty simple.  Grab yourself an amazing Apple Cider in a mug and ENJOY!!! (I suggest you buy a gallon of Apple Cider from Allreds Orchards-They are on University Avenue in Provo-Can't miss the red barn just north-west of the BYU Stadium) 

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