Friday, September 30, 2016

Vampire Pumpkins? A Fun Halloween Gift Card Holder for All your Family and Friends

What's the easiest gift to give? A GIFT CARD!  Everyone LOVES a gift card for it allows the recipient to get whatever they want.  For Halloween we have designed a new gift card holder that  makes the gift card itself even more fun to get! It will actually hold several gift cards, in case you are so inclined! 

Who could you give this gift card holder to? Fun for Teachers, employees, school secretaries, principals, You've been booed gifts, Neighbor gifts, for the kids and more. Just slip the gift card inside the pillow box surrounded by the crinkle paper or you could wrap it in black tissue paper. 

Love this pumpkin. He's both cute and scary!   Super simple to put together. We supply everything you need except for the glue and crinkle paper. You can buy black crinkle paper at The Dollar Store for just a $1.

"Happy Halloween" is applied using foam dots and the pumpkin in the middle of Halloween is also attached using a foam dot to give it a 3D effect. 

Here's the supplies. Just a little glue and foam dots and you're done!  

CLICK HERE to get some of these for family and friends



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