Sunday, July 22, 2018

16 Pies That Will Feed a Crowd-Slab Pies-Banana Cream-Strawberry-Apple-Peach and More

Believe it or not I was not aware that there were recipes out there for pies that you make in a big huge pan——big enough to feed a large crowd. Everyone gets a large square of pie and THEN……there are leftovers! (or maybe not depending on your crowd/family)   I was also happy to find recipes for some of MY favorite pies like banana cream pie and apple pie. Try some of the recipes below and then let me know how they turned out… YOU'RE WELCOME!!!  

I'm not too crazy  about the name "Slab Pie"   Maybe we should come up with a different name. What do you think it should be? Leave your thoughts below and let's give  this delicious and amazing dessert a better name that "Slab Pie"  The Peach Slab Pie has refrigerated sugar cookie dough broken into coarse crumbs and sprinkled over the filling. YUM!!  

I believe this Oreo slab pie is going to be a hit with everyone.  Who doesn't like Oreos. They may be the most popular store bought cookie ever!  The blueberry slab pie with the lattice crust is so beautiful that you might hate to cut into it.  Just take a photo before you do! 

I'm thinking Thanksgiving and Christmas for the chocolate pecan pie.  I have a son-in-law who absolutely LOVES pecan pie. Oh Yum! 

These two pies are just perfect for a summertime dessert.

Anything apple is my favorite. I love all the crumbly goodness on top of this Apple streusel pie.  Are you a fan of cherry pie?

There's just something about a creamy banana cream pie that is so yummy.  At Thanksgiving time that's the first choice for pie for my family. I think I'm going to make this "slab pie" first.  I also have a daughter who is "CRAZY" for nectarines. This might be her new favorite. 

Here's another peach pie only this one has a lattice top (for those of you who prefer those).  The  Apricot cherry slab pie looks amazing and I love lemon meringue pie. I haven't tried the buttermilk slab pie yet.....have you? Is it yummy! 

OUR FIRST name change is in....  Sheet Pie has been suggested. What do you think?


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  1. What awesome looking pies! Yummy! I like the name sheet pie better than slab pie. Maybe that will do? Thanks for the awesome pies!

  2. I agree.....Sheet pie is much better than slab pie!