Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tutorial: Paper Easter Carrots for Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Baskets-Fill with Candy

Start a new tradition this Easter…..make up these darling Easter carrots and include them in your Easter Egg hunt or in the kid's Easter basket. They make fun party favors too. They are so much fun to make.  You could even make up a cute Easter centerpiece using these paper carrots.  Fill them with the yummiest treats you can find.

Below is the complete tutorial for these cute carrots. Super easy. You can get 4 carrots out of one 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper. (carrot above are our curly carrot top version)

Just assemble the carrots and add our tags and some ribbon or twine. 
The tags come in  
Pink and

All you need is a round,  scallop or flower shaped punch size 1.5" The flower punch we used is from American Crafts. Punching with a round or scallop punch looks nice too.

When we were making up these cute carrots we wanted to see what they would look like with staight carrot greens and curled carrot greens. Which one do you like the best?  

I love the orange and white stripe cardstock we used for the carrots. We cut the paper so we could have a horizontal stripe and a vertical stripe carrot. For the carrot on left we used only one strip of carrot greens. One on the right we used two strips. You can make the top edges of the carrots curved or leave straight. Add our tag and wrap with twine and tie a bow. You could also use ¼" ribbon. You can use a solid color of cardstock for the carrots too. I recommend using a solid color for the carrot greens. We used American Craft paper called KeyLime for the carrot greens.

Put the sticky tape going down the 4.5" left side of the paper. Then measure the center of the piece on top and bottom.  Put a piece of tape centered over the center mark at top and on the bottom from the left side to the center mark line.  I recommend using the double-sided super sticky red tape. The carrots will stay together if you do. 

Cut two pieces of green card stock for the carrot greens measuring 3" tall x 1.5" wide.  Then cut narrow strips as shown in the photo leaving the bottom ¼" uncut. Lay both pieces on top of each other.  You can use only one piece if you like.  If you want your carrot greens curled then do it now before you adhere to the carrot.  Staple the greens to the top of the carrot on the back or front of the package.  Then attach the tag on the front using a foam dot.  Tie a ribbon or a piece of twine around the carrot and you're done.  

Scoring the carrot greens is totally optional.  We recommend using a solid color for the carrot greens. The carrot can be made out of any kind of scrapbook paper. Last year we made them up in paper that was a light orange with a darker orange large polkadot. 

Any small wrapped or unwrapped candy will fit in the carrot. Even Hershey Nuggets or Cadbury mini eggs etc.  Shown above are Sixlets, Peanut M&M's,  Jelly Beans,  Regular M&M's and  Hershey Kisses, all in Easter colors.

CLICK HERE to get the tags to finish off the Easter Carrots. Super cute!


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