Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Brand New-Valentine's Day Wraps for KitKat Snack Size Bars-So Fun!

How to make Valentine chocolates even more fun!  Wrap them up with a Valentine's Day themed candy wrap!  We designed these wraps exclusively for KitKat Snack Size Bars. Red and black wraps with cute Valentine messages for kids and adults. Just wrap around a bar and secure with tape, glue dots or your favorite adhesive. 

These candy wraps are brand new this year and unique to us. Wouldn't they make a cute party favor for your Valentine's Day party? We printed them on regular copy paper to make it easier to wrap around the snack size bar.

Slip one into the kid's lunchbox for a special chocolate treat.

A small cellophane bag will hold two candy bars. Perfect for the kid's school Valentine.  Their friends will love the sweet treat.... and who doesn't like KitKat?

Click HERE to get this fun Valentine's Day Printable


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