Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Veggie Lodge instead of a Gingerbread House? (Tutorial) See the Christmas Scenes Made out of Vegetables

Just stumbled upon the Green Giant's Facebook page and found some fun things you can do with vegetables. I especially love the Veggie Lodge shown below.  It's a nice change from a Gingerbread House for the holiday season.  Perfect for a holiday party......your guests can literally eat the house.  What an adorable Christmas centerpiece.  Check out the hot tub too!  Won't that be fun!!!

Carrots instead on Lincoln Logs. Veggies instead of candy. Cream cheese instead of mortar. This Veggie Lodge is so cute and fun to make! Create your own veggie house at home and share a photo in the comments or on our wall!

Here is what we used to make our veggie lodge:
Six 8"- carrot logs (One for front, five for back)
Eight 5"- carrot logs (sides of lodge)
Eight 3"- carrot logs (front)
Eight 1 1/4" - short spacer logs (by front door)
Four 1 1/2" - carrot logs (to create side window opening)
Three 7" -carrot log rafters
Sixteen 6" - 7" long stalks of celery (for roof)
The foam core board gable ends measure 8"x 6" x 6"
The foam core board floor/base measures 8" x 5" (plus extra on the back for chimney if desired)
The window is made out of a slice of turnip.
Use toothpicks if necessary, in addition to cream cheese mortar to fasten cucumbers and celery.
Use bamboo skewers for stacking chimney mushroom "stones."

What a lovely Winter Scene!  The penguins are made of olives, carrots and daikon radish. The icebergs are daikon radish. The igloo is onion. The narwhal is summer squash and daikon radish and the polar bear is daikon radish and olives

Love these two little veggie ice skaters!  Is that cauliflower as the snow? 

And a Merry Christmas to all!  (Don't forget to eat your Veggies!)

Head over to The Green Giants Facebook Page and their Web Site to get more fun ideas and lots of recipes that may just be both good for you and delicious!!!

P.S.  This is all of us trying to work off the holiday calories in January!!! (Ha!) 


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