Thursday, November 12, 2015

Santa's Christmas Gift Card Holder-Perfect for Teachers, Family and Friends!

Brand new this year are our Santa Gift Card Holders.  Two different versions are available. Made with premium cardstock you just put it together-Super simple.  Who doesn't like gift cards? Especially from their favorite restaurant, office supply, clothing store or electronics store.  With a gift card the recipient will be able to get exactly what they want, no sad faces this Christmas.

Neighbor Gifts - You've Been Jingled
Hair stylist
newspaper carrier
Postal carrier
Visiting Teaching
Home Teaching
School Principal
School Staff

Just adhere the pieces on to the card using foam dots (included) Insert the gift card and tie the ribbon around the entire card. This will hold everything in place. 

We've even included a tag for you to write your name. A white envelope for each card is included. 

Our gift card holders will hold any regular  sized gift card.  

 What's your favorite gift card? Movie gift cards are very popular and so are restaurant and fast food gift cards.  Clothing stores and electronic stores are fun too. What a fun stocking stuffer! Most businesses have gift cards with a Christmas theme and that would be the perfect card for the holder.

Mrs. Cavanaugh's is my very best chocolate store. If you don't have a store in your town you can go online and order chocolates, sometimes the shipping is free or the chocolates have a discounted price.  

CLICK HERE to get both gift card holders to give to family and friends this Christmas



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