Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yummy Treats For Tailgate Parties, Super Bowl or Home Parties - Football Shaped Food

How to make a delicious treat in the shape of a football?  Turns out it's super easy!  Perfect for watching the game at home, tailgate parties or even for the Super Bowl!  Your "Pinterest" recipe board. Enjoy! 

The perfect dessert after the football game (or at halftime if you can't wait) is this football shaped ice cream sandwich.  It's actually a silicone mold and/or a football shaped cookie cutter.  How fun   Click HERE to get all the details and recipe 

 Who doesn't like Rice Krispies, and chocolate ones at that..... and now in the shape of a football.  Just slice of a piece and smile!  The perfect centerpiece for your tailgating party or buffet at home.  CLICK HERE to get the recipe and instructions

 Chocolate covered apples make great looking footballs.  Who knew?  What a yummy treat your friends are going to love.  CLICK HERE to get the directions and recipe.

And now for what possibly could be the favorite one on the page!  Chocolate covered potato chips.  (Wouldn't Kettle Chips be amazing in this recipe?)  Everyone will be impressed with this!
 CLICK HERE to get directions and recipe.

 Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a chocolate flavored football cookie?  What could be better?  Click HERE for the recipe.

What's better than one  oatmeal cookie? Sandwiching two cookie together to make this fun looking football.  It's just a great excuse to eat two cookies at once.  CLICK HERE to get the recipe.

Another ice cream and chocolate dessert. How cute are these? A frozen football on a stick.  CLICK HERE to get all the details and recipe. Looks fun!

Here's the easiest Football dessert of them all. Just make your favorite cupcake and frost as shown above. Super simple! Looks like they may have used a Star Frosting Tip  CLICK HERE


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