Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wrap your Halloween Candy with FUN-6 Candy Bar Wraps for Party Favors, Classroom Treats and Trick or Treaters

I am such a fan of the Hershey chocolate bars, with or without nuts. I particularly like Mr. Goodbars because of the peanuts.  I just think chocolate and nuts go together so nicely!  So it's no surprise that I have designed some Hershey chocolate bar wraps in a Halloween theme. They just make any event even more fun! Perhaps you are the neighbor that gives out the full sized candy bars?  Now you can make them even more fun with our Halloween candy bar wraps.  It's an instant download and you can print as many wraps as you like for PERSONAL Use.

There are PERFECT FOR: 

Halloween Party Favors
"You've been Booed" neighbor gifts
Classroom Treats (since it's a wrapped candy it's legal for school treats)
Trick or Treat
Church Carnivals/Halloween Parties
Trunk or Treat
Lunchbox Treats
Home Halloween Parties
For Office and Co-Workers
Teachers, Principals and Office 
Halloween treat for Mail Carrier, Hair Stylist, Paper Carrier etc.

There are 6 different wraps to choose from.  All you need to do is print, cut out each wrap and adhere with glue dots, tape or tape strips to the candy bar......Super Simple.

 We've wrapped a Hershey Chocolate Bar (1.55 oz Regular size)  The wraps also fit nicely around the Cookies and Creme and Mr. Goodbar candy bars. 

These Halloween candy bar wraps are AVAILABLE HERE


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