Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Secrets for the Perfect Picnic-Yummy Food and Packaging Ideas

12 Secrets for the perfect picnic.......What are the secrets to packing the perfect picnic lunch?  See how they packed up this yummy meal. Secrets to a successful picnic can be found HERE

What a great way to wrap up a delicious sandwich for a picnic. It's portable and an individual serving. Get the recipe any more information HERE

Here's another fun way to wrap up a sandwich. Just use paper and twine. Make them as festive as you can by using colorful paper. Could even use ribbon to tie around the. Click HERE for more information. 

Instead of carrying a large watermelon to your picnic, cut your melon like this and you'll have the perfect bite-size wedge of watermelon. It's easier to eat a little "stick" of watermelon than a large slice.....Easier for kids AND adults. It only takes a few moments to cut up a watermelon this way and you end up with more pieces of watermelon than you would cutting it in wedges. Just pack how ever many wedges you need for your picnic and enjoy! Try it you will like it!

 Click HERE for more Photos and fun ideas for an OUTDOOR PARTY

This watermelon lemonade slushy would be yummy too and it is super easy too. Just put them in quart jars with lids.  Click HERE to get the recipe for the Watermelon Lemonade drink/slushy. 

These "walking tacos" sound like a great idea.  Prepare before (if it's a quick trip to the park or outdoors) or bring everything with you in containers and throw together. Everyone has their own little meal in a bag.  I think the kids will really like this one. I'm definitely going to try it!  Click HERE

Package each individual meal before you leave in cute boxes. Then all  you have to do is pass out the boxes. You can find these boxes at paper stores, craft stores etc. Click HERE

Watermelon on a stick just makes any picnic fun. It's also a very refreshing dessert and healthy. Click HERE

Salad on the go or for a picnic. Just open, add dressing and eat. No mess, no fuss.  Click HERE

Sure you could make square rice kris pies treats but how fun are these watermelon shaped treats?  Perfect for a picnic.  Click HERE

Fruit Kabobs are just a fun food. I like the way they sliced each piece thin instead of trying to put the whole fruit or larger piece of fruit on the kabob. You can really pack a lot of fruit this way.  People really love fruit on a stick!  Click HERE for detailed instructions


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