Monday, April 13, 2015

Sweet and Fun Birthday Party Favors, Chevron and Polkadot Bags Let's Party!

These party favor bags can be for birthday parties or any other kind of party, since you can choose which message you want....."Thanks for coming"  "Let's Party" or "Happy Birthday"  Not just for kids birthday parties either.  Choose from Orange, red, black or pink.

We can make this kit up in any number you need for your celebration. Super simple to put together. 

Each color comes in a polkadot design and a chevron design. 

Shown is a regular sized chocolate Hershey Bar. 

Parties for boys or girls, or even adults, we've got you covered.  Make giving a sweet chocolate bar even more special with these party favor bags.  You can use Hershey bars or Nestle bars or any other kind of candy that you can fit into each bag.  

Click HERE to get more Info on our Party favors

Happy Party!!!!


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