Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Neighbor Christmas Gift Idea: Give Oranges for Gifts in a Unique Way! Citrus Wreath

People often give oranges for Christmas but here's a way to make this a memorable Christmas gift.  These orange wreaths are super simple to make. Add our Merry Christmas tag and you've got something special to give to neighbors and friends

The tags feature Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.  The Christmas tag reads:  Merry Christmas, Orange you glad we're friends.....We are! 

For a citrus wreath with 8 clementines in it we cut a piece of cellophane about 54" long and about 6 to 8" wide. Place the clementines on the cellophane spaced out and then roll them up. Tie a piece of twine between each one starting in-between the second and third orange/clementine and ending between the 6th and 7th clementine. Then grab both ends of the cellophane and tie them together. I tied the twine in a knot and then threaded it through the hole in the tag and then tied it in a bow. That's all there is to it. Super Simple and adorable.  You can make it as larger or as small as you want.  Then just add our TAG and you're done-Super Simple!!

A bag 5 lb bag of Clementines from Costco are $5.99 and you can make 3-eight clementine wreaths out if one bag.

 The clementines (or cuties) are inexpensive but make a thoughtful gift. 

Click HERE  to get the tag to put on your orange/clementine wreaths for friends and neighbors Christmas gifts 


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  1. What did you use to put the oranges in?

  2. What did you use to put the oranges in?

  3. We used cellophane. Any sized roll will work. We put 8 clementines in this wreath which meant we needed a piece of cellophane about 54" long. I added the instructions in the blog above. Thanks!