Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Fun Christmas Activity for kids-Christmas Bingo Games-Start a new Family Tradition

If you loved playing our Halloween Bingo game then you'll also love our Christmas Bingo game.  We've designed two different for the younger kids and one for the older kids.  It's the perfect activity for the snowy, rainy days during the month of December. Especially great for their Christmas vacation. Start a new Christmas family tradition--Christmas Bingo!

We designed this Christmas Bingo game for the older kids, whose who know all their numbers 1- 75.  It's a regulation bingo game with unique sheets (all 10 sheets are different)

Here's the number calling sheet.  Just cut each square apart and draw out of a bag to play the game.

Click HERE for this Christmas Bingo game

We designed this Christmas Bingo game with pictures only. It's perfect for the kids who haven't learned or mastered their numbers. A calling sheet is included with all the pictures. Just cut the squares apart and draw them out of a bag to play the game.  You can also show the kids the picture to make it easier for them to play.  All 8 game sheets are unique, none are the same. 

Click HERE for this Bingo Game

We love playing Bingo with candy for the playing pieces.  Our favorite candy to use are these chocolate kisses.  We've designed 63 ¾" round Christmas tags that you can use to play our Christmas bingo game. 
 Click HERE for these chocolate candy tags

We also have a fun way for you to give each child their playing pieces. Package as many candy pieces as think you'll need in a clear cellophane bag. Both round and square tags are included. Either one would work nicely.  

Click HERE  for these Christmas Bingo bag toppers for the candy playing pieces


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