Sunday, October 5, 2014

Despicable Me - Minions Birthday Party-So Much Fun!

My 9 year old granddaughter wanted a Minion birthday party......not a Despicable Me Birthday party....a Minion birthday party....We that's what she got.  It was fun putting everything together. My daughter was the stylist and I helped with the printables  
(banner, straw flags, treat tags and cupcake toppers and wraps)  

These Twinkies covered with a Minion printable were so easy and cute and who doesn't like a Twinkie? 

My daughter designed the banner. She put a strip of double-sided tape on the top of each card and then put gold glitter on the tape-super easy! There is a Minion pic on both ends and one in the middle

You can see the strip of glitter on the top. It's so easy to use the double-sided tape instead of glue. We could have even ran the tape all around the outside edge and glittered the whole thing. 

The cupcakes were chocolate banana and the topping was a cream cheese frosting with a dollop of chocolate ganache and a banana on top. Super Yummy!

I love cutting up watermelon like this! Super easy and makes it fun to eat and it's not so messy for the kids. We've learned that at parties you tend to have a lot of sweets and so we always have something savory like this vegetable tray---and yes it all gone by the end of the night.  (Homemade ranch dressing is sooo delicious-contact me is you want the recipe-Contact button on the top right of our blog )

She found these space ship/rocket water guns at Walmart and they were perfect for the party. I think the rocket guns were the kids' favorite activity of the night and they were very inexpensive.

Loved the Minion balloons she found at Zuchers!

The kids table was fun to put together with all the Minion party accessories from Zuchers. Everyone had a Minion cup filled with a bag of treats to take home.

And here's the birthday girl  (Cassie-9th birthday) This was her favorite balloon out of the bunch. I think the party was a hit with her and everyone else too. 

If you just do a Google search for Free Minion Birthday Party Printables  you will have soooo many to choose from it might be hard to decide which ones to use.  

Come back soon as we will be posting a fabulous FROZEN Birthday party we did for my 6 year old granddaughter. Turned out SO CUTE!  


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