Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Can a Baby Shower Game Become a Keepsake for Mom, Dad and Baby? Yes!

Love going to Baby Showers....don't particularly like playing Baby Shower games....until now.  This one is actually useful for the mom and dad and can become a wonderful keepsake for the baby and since the guests sign the card, it's also a remembrance of them.  It becomes something to remember the special day and what it was all about.

We're happy to announce that we are now offering these cute Baby Shower Games as a DIY Kit.  Super easy to assemble.  Click HERE to go directly to them.

We love this one made up in black using a white polkadot and black and white stripe paper.  It's just the right size with room for a little advice or a lot of advice. It could be incorporated into any color scheme that you've got planned. Especially nice for the baby boys.

8 different colors for you to choose from. 

The bow tie is made up of white polkadot paper and a white stripe paper.

This one has a flower on the shoulder. and also comes in 8 different colors

Just give each guest one of these fun games as they arrive. It's a great activity and ice breaker while you wait for ALL of your guests to arrive and the party to begin. Just ask them to write down some of their great advice for the new mom and dad....they will instantly become a wonderful KEEPSAKE for the new family.  Fun Fun Fun!

Click HERE to see all our Baby Shower Games for your
 upcoming baby shower


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