Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fun Ideas for Summer Vacation Activities Plus A Easy Way to Organize It

We're reissuing this blog post just in time for the kid's summer vacation!

I loved it when the kid's summer vacation came more homework, no getting up early.....just relaxation and fun!  Okay, so every minute isn't perfect and there may be times when the kids don't always get along....  So how do we make this summer one the kids will always remember?  One simple word: Organization. We've found a lot of really great and fun ideas to fill the summer hours. Things the kids will like and you too.  Things you can do on an individual basis or as a family.

So you're asking "How am I going to organize this summer vacation?" We've got the perfect answer.  Our Summertime Activity Jar  will make this task simple!

There are 18 different tags in each color.  (red, green and orange-54 tags in all in this printable) Write an activity on each card and put one colored tag in each jar and have the kids draw out a card from the appropriate jar. That way you will be able to plan your day by the time the activity takes. You may not need this large of a jar and you may not use all the cards but we've made sure that you do have a lot of cards in case you need them.  There are actually 4 different labels for the jars too.

Click HERE to get the printable for this Summer Activity Jar

Red cards are for an activity that takes less than an hour.  Green cards are for activities that take more than an hour and orange cards are for activities that take more than a day. Just write the activities on each card. You can put a round sticker on each card to close it to there's no peeking!

The sky's the limit on what fun activities you can put on these cards. Use your imagination, ask the kids what they want to do this summer and check our blog often for more fabulous activity ideas!

Quick activities can be fun too. They might be just the thing to get the kids out of the "I'm bored" frame of mind.  You can put this label on a box or any kind of container instead of a glass jar.

Learning to bake and cook is an excellent activity....Swimming and water balloon games are fun too. Check out some of the activities we found below.  We will be posting more ideas for summer activities in future posts.

Activities that take more than a day are perfect for the orange jar.  You may need the kids to draw out a specific card and you can do that by making the card or keeping track of what activity is on which design of card or picking it out of the jar yourself.  I'm sure this jar won't be loaded like the one in the photo. You could use a smaller jar.  We purchased these jars at IKEA for $2 or $3.

Click HERE to get the printable for this Summer Activity Jar

Below are some ideas to get you started filling out your activity cards.  Lots of great ideas with more to come!

Kids love scavenger hunts and its something you can do inside the house or in the backyard or even at a park.  Have fun looking at these ideas!  Click HERE


Now this Jumbo Backyard Kerplunk game looks like fun. Click HERE

Kids love bean bag games plus it helps with their coordination!  Click HERE

All I can say about this game is FUN FUN FUN   Click HERE

Time for the kids to be creative!  Click HERE

Excellent outdoor game. (sorry but couldn't find the original link but It is pretty explanatory)

COOL and Fun Activity!   Click HERE

This sounds like an afternoon of fun.  Click HERE

Click HERE to see one of our Summer Activity Posts 
in our blog with a LOT of Fun Ideas

We have Soooooo Many Fun Activities and games for your kid's Summer Vacation that we can't post everything here.  Watch for other posts with Amazingly fun Ideas.  Your kid's SUMMER Vacation is going to ROCK THIS YEAR!!!!

Click HERE to get the printable for this Summer Activity Jar


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