Saturday, April 5, 2014

Need Ideas for Easter Egg Dying, Coloring and Decorating?

Easter egg coloring and decorating is such a great tradition this time of the year, so we've scoured the internet looking for unique ways to decorate eggs and we think we've found some really great ones.  Start a new Easter egg decorating tradition this year by trying some of the fun ideas below! You're going to have such great fun!  Enjoy....

Easter Egg Dying 101-Martha Stewart  Click HERE

Chirping Chick Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Fabric Covered Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Kool-aid Easter Eggs  Click HERE

Easy Hipster Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Marbleized Eggs  Click HERE
Carrot Easter Eggs  Click HERE

Chenille-Stemed Easter Bunny  Click HERE
Washi Tape Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Flower Garden Easter Eggs  Click HERE

Twine Tied Easter Eggs  Click HERE
Mustache and Bunny Eggs Click HERE
Sharpie Easter Eggs  Click HERE

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