Saturday, March 1, 2014

42 + St. Patrick's Day Lunchbox Notes, Party Banners Plus Yummy Food and Kids Activities

For all of you out there that celebrate and love St. Patrick's Day, we've designed some things especially to make it even more fun! Something for the kids and something for you.

St. Patrick's day Lunchbox Notes
We've finished our St. Patrick's Day lunchbox notes just in time!  We've designed 6 especially for that holiday and then added in another 12 for everyday lunch for a total of 18 lunchbox notes.  Kids just love getting cute notes in their lunchbox. You can even write a special note of your own on the back

Just download, print and cut out. Then sneak one into your kids' lunch everyday and they will love it! A personal note from you can be written on the back of the card.
Click HERE to get our St. Patrick's Day Lunchbox Notes for your kids!

St. Patrick's Day Banner
Whether your St. Patrick's Day celebration is large or small, this banner will make it all  the more festive!  All you do is download, print and cut out. Then string it together with any kind of ribbon or twine.  Each triangle measures 5" tall x 3" wide. There are 9 different pieces to this banner. We've designed it to spell out "Irish" Luck.

There are two different banner sizes included here. One banner has pieces that measures 5" tall x 3" wide and the other has pieces that measure 3" tall and almost 2" wide.  Use one banner for decorating your home and the other for decorating dessert......Tie the twine around two small dowels and put the smaller banner atop your favorite dessert (cake) or on a plate of cupcakes.

Click HERE to get our St. Patrick's Day Banner
 and make your party a little more fun!   

I love how easy they make putting this colorful Fruit Platter together for St. Patrick's Day. There's even a video to make it super easy for you!  Click HERE

All of these St. Patrick's day crafts and treats look like so much fun and something the kids could help you with.  Click HERE

I love this recipe! Lime Sherbert and 7-up   (They use ginger-ale but I would substitute 7-up) plus other yummy things for a fabulous St. Patrick's day punch that everyone will rave about!  Click HERE

What a great idea for a St. Patrick's Day activity for the kids. Looks fun and afterwards they can eat their own necklace!  Click HERE

This "From Scratch" Green Velvet Cream Cheese cake with marshmallow cream cheese frosting looks amazing. You could actually use it for any holiday by changing the color of the cake.  Click HERE

Apples and Snickers? This Apple Snickers Trifle is so perfect for the holiday that celebrates everything Green!  Click HERE for the recipe.

A Thin Mint Brownie Parfait would taste so yummy now and looks like something the leprechauns made for you!  Click HERE to get the details and recipe.

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Mint Leprechaun Cookies--Click HERE
Rainbow Palmiers--Click HERE
Shamrock Drinks with Apple Shamrocks--Click HERE
Balloon Rainbow--Cick HERE
Chocolate Covered Strawberries--Click HERE
St. Patrick's Day Lucky Spinach Quiche--Click HERE
Shamrock Cut-out Cupcakes-Click HERE
St.Patrick's Day Treat Boxes--Click HERE


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