Thursday, January 21, 2016

Valentine's Day Teacher Appreciation Chocolate Pencil & Tags (Rolos & Hershey Kisses)

A chocolate candy pencil is such  a fun Valentine's Day Gift for a Teacher Appreciation gift.  We've just made it even easier to put this together.....our Valentine's day themed pencil wraps are all one piece. No more buying scrapbook paper, measuring and cutting the different pieces and then putting it together. You could add a strip of aluminum foil around the top as we've done but that's totally optional as underneath there is already a grey colored strip.

Since there are two tags that say "Happy Valentine's Day" and "Be my Valentine" you could also make them for the kids or family and friends.  All you need is your favorite glue/adhesive, a small pice of foil, twine and a Hershey Kiss! 

 We trimmed the end of the pencil wrap with some pinking shears but that is totally optional.  You could add other embellishments if you like. The finishing touch to this pencil is a chocolate kiss that's glued to the bottom of the roll/pkg. Attach the tag and you're done!

 You can put each chocolate pencil individually in a pretzel bag if you like. (pretzel bags are available at most craft stores) We added a decorative ribbon just below the silver band.  Wrapping them like this also makes it easy to put into a cute Valentine container.  Embellish them however you like. They're definitely going to be appreciated!

Find a cute box to put them in. You could enclose the pencils and the box within a cellophane bag too, if you like.

Click HERE to get this cute and super simple gift idea for a Valentine Teacher Appreciation or as a sweet treat for the kids at school 


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