Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Gingerbread houses-Patterns, Video Tutorial plus Lots of Ideas

'Tis the season to make Gingerbread Houses. There are some pretty spectacular designs out there and there are some simple easy-to-make designs. Below are a few and at the bottom of the page are two different Gingerbread Pinterest boards you might be interested in!  Happy Holidays!

Which one of these pretty gingerbread houses is your favorite? Not only can you get the pattern for this house but there's also a video tutorial.  Yeah!  Click HERE Sweetopia

Found another pink gingerbread house. So cute. Love the snowman too. Click HERE  Party Inspirations

The Necco candies on the roof are just perfect. The carving on the front door is fabulous.  Click HERE SOURCE

I think the M&M's on this gingerbread house just make it!  The candy kisses are cute too. Click HERE Rick Vanessa Bridgette

All the outdoor pieces make this one special gingerbread house. Take a look at how they made the trees and the snowmen. Click HERE Sweetopia

Check out our Gingerbread House Pinterest Board for more Fun Gingerbread House ideas. Click HERE 


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