Monday, November 18, 2013

Add a Christmas Tags to your Homemade Christmas Food Gifts-Made with Love from our Kitchen to Yours-Ding Dongs & Ho Ho's too

This is the time of year where you shine!!! The time when you make your favorite baked goods or treats  to give to family, friends and neighbors. What would make your gift even sweeter?  We have the answer to that question.  Just add one of our gift tags and you've got something special for Christmas gifts.
Click HERE to get these labels
for your fabulous breads.

If you're not a baker you can purchase this delicious sweet bread at Harmons Grocery store for 2.49 each.You can even call their bakery and place an order a large or small order.

We used plastic bags purchased at the store for homemade bread to wrap them up but you can use any clear bag. Just add a bow to make it even more festive!

Our labels measure 3" wide and 11"long.  Place them on a box, a jar or on a package of food. A cupcake box, a cake box or any type of food package. Trim the label down if needed. 

Choose from 6 different labels

Here's a fabulous gift for Christmas neighbor gifts....especially for the fans of Hostess Ho Ho's and Ding Dongs (call me crazy but these new Ding Dongs taste better than before)  Just add the tag and a bow and either Ding Dong Ditch or give to neighbors.  It will put a smile on their face.

Close-up of the 3" tag
Click HERE to get these tags

You can also put our label on a jar like this or any kind of jar and fill with a  sweet treat-something from your kitchen or store.  Add a bow and perhaps a fun ornament onto the top of the jar.  A gift certificate tied onto the jar would be fun too.....Just use your imagination

Click HERE to see all our Christmas Gift Tags and Printables


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  1. will these be available this christmas and if sohow soon

  2. Thanks for your question about our Christmas food labels. Yes they will be available. In fact they are in our Etsy shop right now. Here's the link to our shop