Saturday, October 5, 2013

176 Holiday Recipes-Pies, Desserts, Breads and more!!!

It's that time of year again when the "BAKING" begins.  Holidays and special events call for special recipes and baking and so we gathered some fabulous recipes for you. It's always fun to add new recipes to our cookbooks. Below you'll find desserts, pies and bread recipes. A lot of them incorporate pumpkin....oh yummy!   Enjoy!

Doesn't the pumpkin chocolate dessert look amazing! How would you like to see 34 more Pumpkin recipes? Okay great!  Click HERE

How about 85 PIE recipes?  One of these are sure to be something you'd like to make this fall and maybe even for upcoming holidays? (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas)  Pie making isn't as hard as it looks.  Click HERE

And here are 20 more delicious desserts to add to your E-Coobook!  Have you thought about using Pinterest as your electronic cookbook? You can make up as many different categories as you want. A board for each of your favorite kinds of food.  Click HERE to get these recipes

Love most anything with pumpkin it?  Here are more pumpkin recipes plus other yummy things.    Click HERE to see 20 more recipes

Let's not forget the bread!  I absolutely love bread!  Here are  17 different bread recipes.  Click HERE


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