Wednesday, June 1, 2016

6 Father's Day Themed Candy Bar Wraps--Easy Gift for the Kids to Give Dad

 Here's a simple but thoughtful gift for the kids to give dad for Father's Day. Super simple.....just download the file, print, cut and adhere to a candy bar. The kids can definitely be a part of putting together this gift for dad.  There are 6 different wraps for this size candy bar.

Click HERE to get these for your Dad and husband

 Don't just give dad 1 wrapped candy about a box or basket of special Father's Day candy bars? These wraps fit around a 1.55 oz regular Hershey Bar (not the ones with nuts)

 There are wraps with girls and boys plus each has a different Father's Day message.

 One of these fun wrapped Hershey chocolate bars would be a nice addition to the top of one of Dad's Father's Day gifts too.

 We bought out giant Hershey candy bars at our local grocery store but I would check out the prices at Walmart...they're sure to be less.You can get them in a box of 6 for about $3.00

 This is a digital file.  You will receive 6 different wraps  for the regular sized Hershey candy bars.  Just purchase, download the files to your computer, print and cut.  (only for personal use, they are not for resale or commercial use-no crafts fairs of internet sales)   We suggest taking the file (flash drive) to Office Depot, Office Max or anywhere that uses a laser printer. The colors will be bright and crips.

Click HERE to go to our 
Etsy shop and get a set for yourself.


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