Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Amazing Chocolate Desserts - The Perfect Party food OR Any Day Treat!

We found some delicious looking recipes for dessert using my favorite ingredient in a dessert.....chocolate!  We just had to share here. Take a look and I think you'll agree that these are recipes you'll have to try--not just for parties but for every day dessert too.  At this link you'll find 25 different bar cookie recipes including this yummy looking German Chocolate cake bar.  Click HERE

Butterfinger Blondies.....Bar cookies and Butterfinger candy bars? Sounds good to  me.  Click HERE

This looks heavenly.....caramels, chocolate and coconut make up these Samoa Brownies Click HERE 

Snickers Fudge....Serve this to family and friends and you're sure to put a smile on their faces.  Click HERE

If you like Andes Mints then you'll want to try this Andes Mint cookie.  Click  HERE

I can never get enough of an Almond Joy candy bar---only two small pieces in the package, but that shouldn't be a problem with this Almond Joy cookie.  Click HERE

Try your hand at making donuts at home with chocolate on top.  This recipe looks delicious! Love chocolate covered donuts!  Click HERE 

Root Beer Float Cookies.....Okay, I know this isn't a chocolate recipe but I've never seen this kind of recipe before and wanted to share.  You use real Root Beer extract in frosting and cookie....no wonder they taste just like a Root Beer Float! Click HERE

Oreo's, Ice Cream,  Chocolate Fudge.....a Oreo lover's dream dessert.  Click HERE

And now for the cookie dough lover....Cookie Dough Brownies!  Click HERE

Winner of the 200 Share the Very Best recipe contest is this Layers of Love Chocolate Brownie. Loaded with yummy things. Click HERE

How pretty are these chocolate mint cookies?  Get the recipe. Click HERE

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