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Craft Room Organizing-Store over 200 Rolls of Ribbon in a 12" square Space!

 How do you store over 200 rolls of ribbon?  Easy!  Just put this little project together and you've got something you can put on your craft desk that is only twelve inches square.and spins around so you have easy access to ALL your ribbon rolls. (2" round ribbon rolls from American Crafts)

1 piece of wood 11x11 (top and bottom pieces need to be larger than the lazy susan piece)
1 piece of wood 12x12x2  or take a piece of wood 11" x 11" and add pieces of wood on each side to make   it a 2" base--that's what we did.
8 pieces of dowel each 15" long
Drill with 1/4" bit
Lazy Susan Turntable
Paint or stain

(1) On the top piece of wood,  space out and drill  8 holes with a 1/4" drill bit. A 1/4" dowel were the perfect size for our American Crafts rolls of ribbon.

(2) Then attach the lazy susan turntable to the top piece of wood. 
(3) Drill a access hole in that top piece. This will give you access to the bottom piece so you can drive a screw into the bottom piece of the lazy susan, down into the base.
(4) Then attach the lazy susan to the bottom piece with a screw (through the access hole) 

 Yes, this involves measuring and a drill. You can purchase the lazy susan turntable at

After you pull the ribbon off of a roll you can either use a piece of tape or a tiny pin to keep it from unraveling.  Such a small thing that will prove to be so useful in your craft room! (Thanks to Chad the builder for making this for me) 


This is a fabulous idea for organizing your Twine. Easy to get and a piece of art for your walls.  Get the tutorial HERE

Isn't this a unique way to store your twine. It will definitely add to your decor too. Get the complete instructions HERE

Here are some great things that you can use for storage and organization in your craft room. We added the prices and a link to the page on the IKEA web site in case you want to look around further. Click here   for the entire selection of IKEA Storage Boxes and Baskets.  You can use the magazine racks for important papers, copy paper, scrapbook paper OR your craft magazines. 

All of the items above can be hung on the wall using the IKEA rod and hooks, which are very inexpensive.  Use all your wall space for organizing your room. Even if it is just a narrow tall wall you can put it to good use. Click HERE for their Wall Organizers

The 9 draw unit  from IKEA will hold a lot of ribbon and craft supplies.  Love the workstation.   and the drawer that holds big and flat items would be great in a craft room too. Here's the link for the drawer unit on casters. 

Here's a great picture using the IKEA Grundtal System show above. Click HERE  The spice jars in the 3 shelves are from IKEA and so are the round tins 

Notice all the tags on the front of the storage boxes. It will help you find things so much quicker than opening boxes one at a time.  Click HERE

All three of these photos are from the same craft room. If you head over there she will give you all kinds of great tips plus lots of photos of her craft room. PLUS she made a video which she narrates about it.   Good ideas! Click HERE

Oh top of adding a tag you could add a clipboard with an itemized list. You'll be so organized you won't be able to stand it! Click HERE

This is a great use of existing space. 38 paper punches and edgers are stored on the side of the cabinet by installing curtain rods all the way down the side. Click HERE  to see even more great ideas for a craft room. 

Do you have access to a closet? Then you've got a mini craft room.  You'll be surprised just how much you can put in a space like this if it is organized. Promise!  Click HERE to see more closets

What about those small pieces of scrapbook paper? Do you save small pieces? I do. This is a great way to organize them. You get a set of 5 of these for $1.99 at IKEA. Then just put a color label on the front and you're good to go! Click HERE

And's the perfect vinyl wall quote for a wall in your craft room. On that big blank wall, over the door or window....I'm sure you can find a spot.
 Head over to our Etsy shop to see the listing and get one for your craft room! Click HERE

And here's another one that would be perfect for the scrapbook room!  Click HERE to see it. 

This wall quote is great for your family photo wall AND your scrapbook room....because after all, you are preserving your families memories!  Click HERE

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