Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Treat Bag- Super Simple to Make - For Cookies and Candy

 Let's fill a valentine pouch with some of your fabulous homemade cookies!  Or some of your favorite candy, chocolate or some store bought treats.  Super simple to make but impressive. Would you rather just hand someone a cookie in a baggie or in a unique, special package.  Believe me, you will be remembered!

Click HERE to get everything you need to make
these cute heart bags for Valentine's Day gifts!

It's a very inexpensive project, especially if you already have scrapbook paper, because that's pretty much all this requires. Instead of foam tabs you can just glue everything together and instead of twine you can use yarn or string and the ribbon handle is optional too.

Below you can see the tutorial for these Valentine pouches.  At the widest part of the heart it measures 4" wide and 4.5" tall. Mix and match the heart and arrow with our cute scallop tags.  12 different tags are in the printable. We used the large pattern in the printable.

Here's a photo of the ones that we attached the ribbon handles to. You can add handles or leave them off, it's up to you.  The jumbo cookies inside the hearts are from Costco.  We put them inside a 4" x 6" clear plastic bag and tied with twine.

Our tags can go on red, white or pink paper or even a printed paper with those colors. How about Smarties, Sixlets, Cinnamon Bears, chocolate covered pretzels, mini candy bars etc .  A box of  Conversation Hearts will fit inside the heart too.  

 This is a very simple project and you may not need the simple tutorial...but we know there are people out there with different levels of experience so here it is.....

 Download the pattern to your computer and print out on either solid color scrapbook paper or one with a design. We've included a pattern in black outlines for printing on dark paper and one with grey outline for printing on light paper. 

 Cut out the heart pouch. All the solid lines on the pattern need to be either scored or folded and then the flap glued.  Punch out 1/2" or up to 3/4" circles and glue on each side of the heart.  Then punch a small hole in each circle (for the ribbon)

  Attach a large heart onto the center of the heart pouch with foam dots. We inked the edges of the pouch and the smaller heart.

 Be sure to put the foam tabs on the top and bottom of the tag so that when you attach it over the arrow it doesn't stick to the arrow. Arrow measures 1/4" wide. Make it as long as you want. Be sure to cut each end as shown.

 Next attach the arrow going at an angle.

 Finally add the tag on top of the arrow.  We inked everything, but that's just us. It is optional.

 Put the  1/4" ribbon through the circle and tie a knot in the end and then do the same for the other side. You can leave off the ribbon it you like.

Here are the supplies: Twinery Twine in pink and white (also used red and white)  Foam dots, ribbon and clear treat bags (From Hobby Lobby-100 bags measuring 4x6 for $1.99--we bought this size of bag to fit the jumbo cookies from Costco)

Click HERE to get this fun Valentine's Day Printable!


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